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Driver Jobs in Canada

Driver jobs are one of the most popular careers in Canada. With an average annual salary of $66,247, they are expected to increase by 48% between 2014 and 2022. However, there are some factors that you should consider before applying. For example, you should make sure you meet the minimum education and work experience requirements for the job in Canada. In addition, you should be legally allowed to live and work in the province. Moreover, you should have the intention to settle in Canada.

Demand for truck drivers will increase to 48,000 by 2024

According to a recent study by the Canadian Trucking Alliance, the demand for truck drivers will increase by more than 48,000 in 2024. The average age of truck drivers in Canada is 48, and this age is increasing. By 2024, this age is predicted to be nearly 50.

Job description for a truck driver

In Canada, the cargo industry is in desperate need of efficient truck drivers. Truck drivers are in high demand, particularly those with experience in the Gulf region. These drivers must be safe and skilled in operating massive vehicles. These vehicles can weigh more than four thousand kilograms, with three or more axles, and must be able to carry industrial goods safely.



Salary for a truck driver

Currently, the trucking industry is suffering from a 6.8 percent vacancy rate. There are over 20,000 available positions for truckers in Canada, which is a 138% increase over 2016. The reasons for the vacancy deficit include high turnover, an aging workforce, and a lack of female truck drivers. This has led to a shortage of drivers in the transportation industry, and many new drivers want to know how much they should expect to make. The good news is that there are various levels of pay for different types of truckers.

Requirements to become a truck driver

The trucking industry in Canada needs skilled, efficient truck drivers to transport goods and materials to various parts of the country. Those with Gulf experience or clean driving records are especially welcomed by the industry. Canadian truckers average about 48 years of age, making them a prime candidate for long-term career opportunities. By 2024, the country will face a shortage of long-haul drivers.



Skills required by employers

Driver jobs are one of the most sought-after jobs in Canada. It requires the right skills and experience. This occupation typically requires 3 to 5 years of experience. Drivers are responsible for the safety of others and must have knowledge about maintenance and repairs. They should also know how to use a driver logbook and have a clean driving record. Additionally, a truck driver should have steel-toed safety
boots and be physically fit.

Cost of moving to Canada as a truck driver

If you are interested in working as a truck driver in Canada, there are several ways to immigrate to the country. You will need to meet the minimum requirements, such as having a clean criminal record and a good driver’s license. In addition, you will need to take a written exam. The most common way for truck drivers to move to Canada is through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. This program allows
foreigners to live in Canada for a certain amount of time and work for a Canadian firm.

Job Requirement

Drivers Jobs CANADA View & Apply
Drivers Jobs CANADA View & Apply

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