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Latest Jobs in Poland

If you want to make a living in Poland, you must know about the Latest vacancies available in
this country. Find out about the Average salary, the job description, and the required work
permit. These are the most important tips to consider when looking for a job in Poland. By
following these tips, you will have no problem finding a job in Poland. Here are some tips that
will help you get started in this exciting country.

Vacancies in Poland

Vacancies in Poland in 2022 are likely to be large, with 158.7 thousand unfilled positions at the
end of the first quarter of the year. The number of newly created jobs fell by 1.0%, but the
number of positions that were liquidated climbed by 16.6%. In Poland, employers are looking to
hire people with various levels of experience and skills. This country is also looking to hire more
people for management positions.

The most sought-after jobs in Poland are in physical work, as the population is unprepared to do
the jobs. Jobs in Poland may be in kitchens, construction, or agricultural fields. Many industries
are seeking workers to help with seasonal tasks, and foreign citizens can work as movers and
cleaners. For those looking for a career in the construction industry, the agricultural sector is
always in need of skilled labor. And if you prefer a more specialized field, you can look for jobs in
coal mining, food processing, and chemical industries.

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Typical job description

Those who are looking for employment opportunities in the Polish labor market should take note
of the numerous vacancies. Salespeople, brand representatives and agents are in high demand,
particularly in companies dealing in trade and sales. Network supermarkets in Poland also
require sales personnel. Drivers are also in high demand. Applicants must be able to pay
expensive license fees in Poland. Drivers are especially in demand for trucks and buses over
3.5 tons.
Unlike the previous communist-era, the Polish people now have a more modern mindset and a
willingness to collaborate with western cultures. Software developers in Poland are likely to be
highly motivated and interested in acquiring new skills. The lack of a formal education will not
hamper business development. After all, Poland has been a member of the European Union for
fourteen years, so a communist past is no longer an issue.

Average salary

For the first quarter of 2022, the average gross monthly salary in Poland is set to be 1,545 USD.
The following table shows the annual salary increment rates for the country. The figures are
indicative only, and do not reflect the actual wages of employees. They are, however, a guide to
what to expect in 2022. In general, a person can expect to receive a salary increment of 8%
every 17 months, though the amount can vary depending on performance and contribution. The
annual increment rate refers to an increase that is given over a twelve-month period, and is
rarely an exact date.

The average salary in Poland is currently 302,286 PLN for people with over 20 years of
experience. It is around two-thirds lower for employees with between 16 and 20 years of
experience. While this may be low for the United States, the Polish economy has a thriving
outsourcing industry. As of 2017, there are an estimated 500,000 companies operating in
Poland, with the number growing by more than 3% each year.

Required work permit

To work in Poland, foreign citizens must obtain a work permit. A work permit is a legal document
issued by a government authority that gives a foreigner permission to work in Poland. This
document is issued by the competent Voivode on the request of an entity delegating work or
performing a task, and is dependent on a foreigner’s place of residence. The following are the
steps that foreign workers must follow to obtain a work permit in Poland.

A work permit can be obtained for a fixed period of up to 12 months. The length of stay can be
extended by up to one year, however. This permit is intended to allow foreign employees of
foreign companies to work in Poland. However, if an employer does not have a branch in the
country, a foreign worker may still be able to work in Poland. The length of time for obtaining a
work permit is subject to the specific job position.

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