Latest Jobs Hiring in Taiwan 2022

Latest Jobs Hiring in Taiwan 2022

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Latest Jobs Hiring in Taiwan

Are you looking for the Latest Jobs Hiring in Taiwan? If so, you’ve come to the right place!
Taiwan has several booming industries and is a great place for employment. Job opportunities
can range from Product designers to Manufacturing Managers. Take a look at the jobs being
offered to find out which are the best. Aside from the above-mentioned industries, there are
many more available to you!

Product designers

If you’ve recently graduated from college and are looking for a new career, there are many great
opportunities available in the product design field. Product designers work with industrial teams
to develop and refine basic consumer products. Their job requires extensive research, a strong
creative flare, and the ability to communicate their ideas with other people.

Education requirements for this career field are usually a bachelor’s degree. Common majors for aspiring product designers include industrial design, architecture, or engineering. Students should
consider taking art, engineering, or CAD classes to improve their portfolios.

The salary range for a product designer is around 217,000 TWD per month, which is fairly high
compared to other fields in the country. A product designer’s salary can go up or down
depending on their experience, education, and location, but in general, the average salary for
this job is around 215,000 TWD per month. A person with this job title should have exceptional
communication skills and be willing to learn. The application process typically involves submitting
a portfolio website showcasing your design work. For those interested in the field, an
assignment must be included to demonstrate your competence and potential.


Manufacturing Manager

A Manufacturing Manager salary varies depending on the level of education, experience, and
location. It is estimated that the median salary for a Manufacturing Manager is about 207,000
TWD per month, and will increase as one gains more experience. While salaries in Taiwan tend
to fluctuate, salaries for this job are relatively stable, and the salary for this job is expected to
increase over the next several years.

The role of a Factory Manager is an essential business partner of Taiwan Foods, and is
responsible for improving manufacturing performance, employee engagement, and morale. This
manager manages the manufacturing team in Hsinchu, implements category and supply chain
strategies, and coordinates shift crews and activities. In this role, the successful candidate
thrives in manufacturing leadership environments, possesses excellent interpersonal skills, and
has the ability to motivate a team to achieve goals.

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